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High Desert Food - Topic: How Roundup Damages Your Mitochondria and Makes You Sick Simple:Press Version Christine on How Roundup Damages Your Mitochondria and Makes You Sick GMOs, Roundup and other toxins How Roundup Damages Your Mitochondria and Makes You Sick

Why the Health of Your Mitochondria Matters

As explained by Vasquez, in addition to producing most of your body’s energy in the form of ATP, your mitochondria also participate in many other processes, such as cellular signaling.

According to Vasquez, the data is “impressively clear” that those with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure have dysfunctional mitochondria.

Your mitochondria also play an important role in inflammation, and control apoptosis (cell death). These two roles make your mitochondria a player in diseases such as cancer, for example, as damaged cells fail to receive the message to self-destruct, and therefore continue their malignant growth.

Vasquez — who is an expert on inflammation — divides inflammation into three different forms, which exist on a continuum and overlap each other:

  1. Metabolic inflammation (conditions such as hypertension and diabetes)
  2. Allergic inflammation
  3. Autoimmune inflammation

Chronic, low-level inflammation, which tends to underlie most chronic health conditions, he describes as “metabolic disturbance with cellular injury.” While mitochondrial dysfunction is involved in virtually ALL disease, the following bears mentioning, as they’re among the most common:

Cancer   Heart disease Seizure Disorders
Asthma and allergies Autoimmune diseases Obesity
Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s Depression
Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Autism
Type 2 diabetes Metabolic syndrome Hypertension



The article explains how glyphosate causes damage and as always, Dr. Mercola provides the links to studies and research.

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